Changing the world requires bold leadership

The EHSQ Alliance is a global ecosystem of companies, industries, markets, and professionals collaborating to transform EHSQ performance and advance global goodwill through collective intelligence.

The Intelex Approach


Inspire your employees to full participation and deeper commitment to EHSQ

Efficient communication from your EHSQ platform to frontline staff

Make it easy for employees to stay current and participate

Gather insights to drive deeper engagement across your organization


Analyze leading indicators to anticipate future events and scenarios, and improve business performance

Analyze EHSQ inputs to gain important insights into potential risks

Show EHSQ success as a meaningful value to business executives

Benchmark through leading indicators and build a blueprint for improvement


Connect your organization and learn from the collective intelligence of all peers

Learn and take action from articles, and share curated bulletins

Evaluate metrics between locations to drive overall improvements

Transform your program through greater knowledge and insight

The EHSQ Alliance accelerates productivity gains and helps move your EHSQ program from a cost center to a value driver for your company.

“I’m very excited about the EHSQ Alliance. It’s really like what we’ve been trying to do at Pace, but across the EHSQ industry. We’ve been encouraging our divisions to share data with each other, realizing that we’re all trying to accomplish the same goal. Being able to share our data across industries, see lessons learned, see alerts, and see trends that other industries are seeing that we can take and utilize ourselves will be incredibly valuable to our organization”.

Kenny Sandlin
Vice President of Safety & Health at Pace Industries
and Founding Member of the EHSQ Alliance

What is the EHSQ Alliance?

Collective intelligence is the key to unlocking the potential that lies dormant in each organization’s EHSQ system today. The EHSQ Alliance is a global network connecting companies, industries, markets, and EHSQ professionals to share anonymized data that can be utilized at every level of their organization. From benchmarking and industry trends for executive stakeholders, to root cause analysis research for EHSQ managers, to education for the frontline workforce, the EHSQ Alliance will drive unprecedented levels of adoption and enable the kind of transformational change in behavior the industry has, as of yet, been unable to realize.


Verdantix Report

Download and read the EHSQ Alliance Product Strategy Report

The new product strategy promises customers better EHSQ metrics through a collaborative user alliance, improved EHSQ insights with a flexible business intelligence platform, increased user engagement with native mobile apps and responsive web apps, a roadmap on how to leverage EHSQ technology to enhance innovation, and cheaper and faster integration

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